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Season Period Description Season 1 September – December 2017 Retroactively considered the 1st season of the 1st chapter upon the start of the second season. Season 2 December 2017 – February 2018 Medieval themed. Introduction of the battle pass, which initially had 70 tiers. Season 3 February – April 2018 Titled “Space Exploration”. Battle Pass increased from 70 tiers to 100. Season 4 May – July 2018 Superhero/movie character themed. Titled “Brace for Impact”. Leading up to the start of Season 4, players had observed shooting stars crossing the game’s map during Season 3, which later became small meteorites that hit the ground and caused some damage. Across all games a large meteor also started to appear, on pace to hit the game map to coincide with the start of Season 4, completely and utterly damaging one of the major landmarks.[22][23] Season 5 July – September 2018 World Collision themed; titled “Worlds Collide”. Prior to this season, Epic established a one-time event across all games on June 30, 2018, that fired a rocket from a villainous lair which created inter-dimensional rifts on the map.[24] The rifts grew over the next few days, with some in-game objects vanishing and new objects from other time periods spawning.[25] As part of its marketing, Epic planted a real-world version of the “Durrr-Burger” restaurant sign in the California desert, with clues alluding to locations of real-world version of the game’s loot llamas located globally.[26] The season began with changes of the map due to these rifts, while the rifts remained as a gameplay element within the season, teleporting the player to a high elevation and to re-land elsewhere in the map.[27] Season 6 September – December 2018[28] Darkness themed, known specifically as “Darkness Rises” or “Darkness and the Cube”. Near the end of the 5th season, another one-time event occurred in which the rifts created by the rocket launch closed up, leaving a large purple cube with glyphs on its surface in the game world, which players nicknamed “Kevin”. “Kevin” moved on its own volition throughout the season, creating anomalies in its wake, including levitating itself and the large island in Loot Lake across the map, and allowing transdimensional “Cube Monsters” to appear across the map and attack players. Ultimately, Kevin overloaded and exploded, temporarily teleporting all players into a white, bottomless void known as the Nexus, where a Rift-shaped butterfly briefly appeared. On return to the map, Loot Lake had returned to normal, but with many smaller islands made up of the “remains” of Kevin.[29][30][31][32][33][34][35] Season 7 December 2018 – February 2019 Winter/Holiday/Arctic themed, with the slogan “You Better Watch Out”. As the 6th season concluded, a snow cloud appeared over one corner of the map, followed by a large iceberg dubbed “Polar Peak” at the onset of Season 7 that collided with the island and covered a third of the map in snow with other new features, including a large castle on top of Polar Peak that had been buried deep in the snow. Initially, the map’s features celebrated the Festuvis holiday. Later, a large ice sphere appeared above the castle, warning of an upcoming winter storm. Soon, the Ice King, who had been trapped in the castle, emerged to cast a spell that unleashed a winter storm across the whole map, and summoned Ice Fiends (similar to the Cube Monsters) to attack players.[36] Season 8 February – May 2019 Tropical Adventure/Pirate/fire/ice/”discovery” themed. Known as “X Marks the Spot”, in the final days of the 7th season, the island was rocked by earthquakes that formed cracks on the ground,[37] eventually heralding the appearance of a large volcano on the northeast corner of the map that erupted. The eruption melted the majority of the snow from the island, and eradicated the nearby features and replaced them with a lagoon(named Lazy Lagoon) and an Aztec-like temple complex (named Sunny Steps). The eruption also created dangerous lava flows surrounding the volcano.[38] Pirates, ninjas, and more unreal adventurers (including a “prisoner” of the Ice King who broke free and developed an affinity for fire) join the fray, on the hunt for both treasure and victory.[39] Near the end of the season on May 4, a special event called “The Unvaulting” took place, which allowed players to enter a dimension named the “Nexus.” The dimension gave players the ability to vote for a weapon to be reintroduced into the game. After the drum gun won the vote, the volcano erupted and volcanic rocks flew out of the volcano. These huge rocks struck and destroyed Tilted Towers and Retail Row, as well as severely damaging Polar Peak.[40] Season 9 May – July 2019 Futuristic/Cyberpunk themed. Codenamed “The Future Is Yours.” This marks as the penultimate season of Chapter 1. At the start of this season, the locations destroyed by Season 8’s Unvaulting had been reconstructed and revitalized in a “futuristic” fashion.[41] Players observed a large monster swimming around outside the island, and mysterious footprints in other locations. Drones near the Vault concurrently started to construct a giant robot. At an event at the end of the season held on July 20, the robot activated and attacked the monster, rampaging across the island. The robot eventually bested the monster with a giant sword, and then flew off, leaving the monster’s corpse and sword behind as well as a giant glowing orb.[42] The Zero Point continued to destabilize over the latter part of the season, and through the Season X teaser trailer, it created an interdimensional blast, causing players to find locations and landmarks from previous seasons, and the meteor that initiated Season 4 completely still in the sky.[43] Season X August – October 2019 Time Travel/Throwback themed (“Out of Time”). This marks as the final season of Chapter 1. The remnants of the Zero Point’s explosion in Season 9 left various rift zones open across the map, returning locations that had been lost due to other map changes over past seasons and “tweaking” them a bit, such as the area where the meteor had previously landed.[44][45] Other rift zones traveled through realities and brought in locations from other universes, such as Pandora from Borderlands and Gotham City from the DC Universe. The season culminated when the Visitor, a mysterious being that arrived with the meteor, launched a rocket that created numerous rifts, from which came smaller rockets which were controlled by “The Seven” that struck all across the island, creating a black hole and consuming the entire game itself. Subsequent to this event, the game was unplayable for roughly 36 hours with the game’s screens only showing the black hole.[46] During this period, players could enter the Konami code to play a mini-game.[47]

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